Sunday, 19 August 2007

Epilogue - Part Two

"You may find it hard to swallow the notion that anything as large and apparently inanimate as the Earth is alive. Surely, you may say, the Earth is almost wholly rock, and nearly all incandescent with heat. The difficulty can be lessened if you let the image of a giant redwood tree enter your mind.The tree undoubtedly is alive, yet 99% of it is dead.The great tree is an ancient spire of dead wood,made of lignin and cellulose by the ancestors of the thin layer of living cells which constitute its bark. How like the Earth, and more so when we realize that many of the atoms of the rocks far down into the magma were once part of the ancestral life of which we all have come."

James Lovelock
The Ages of Gaia

The end is the beginning and the beginning is the end (see prologue part one). Following on from the last post regarding the idea that we are all currently in a game, well basically I have discovered that yes we are in a game, a very complex game that we call life.

Yes thats right folks life is a game, its official, God told me last night. And you might be thinking well so what, we know that, its called Second Life, but if you thought that, you would be wrong.

You see I think that we would all agree Second Life has nothing on First Life or real life, I mean if it was using the number two to indicate its similarity to real life well that would be problematic, for in reality at this stage in its development it would be more appropriate to call it Five hundred and seventy sixth life, because while it has some amusing simulations of reality, fucking seems to lack a certain something in Second Life compared to real life. Anyway getting off the topic again.

Nick Bostrom from Oxford University wrote an article that proposed the idea that we are all living in a computer generated reality, read the paper here. While information at provides further detail on this idea.

You see I have been wondering and wishing for the answer to this question (is life a game) and then out of the blue what do you know but God, the bearded bloke appears, grey hair, white gown, halo the usual shit. Anyway, so he says "You may have already realised it but yes I am god, and you see son I have come here to answer your question about the keening, I mean, the meening of life, and yes life is a game. In fact this is Earth version 4.2, which is marketed in this part of the universe as, 'A crazy fucked up game planet where all the most sordid bullshit imaginable is available to you all, yes thats right souls if you want chaos, debauchery and action of all sorts be born on earth and have a hell of a time,' so you can see that earth is about as rough as it gets in this part of the universe. "

I was shocked could this be true...........well God was here so I begged him to tell me more. At which point his shape began to change and his skin went blue and suddenly he had on all this jewellery and he looked like Krishna, then he began to change again, and shifted onto the ground legs crossed his belly began to grow and his skin turned back to a more normal colour, he was Buddah, he shifted again, he became a she, hanging on the cross, blood oozing from her hands she was Jesus, he was Mohammed, she was Mary, he was Zoroaster, Abraham, Moses.................................

God continued to change shape and from his mouth came this message, "That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above corresponds to that which is Below, to accomplish the miracle of the One Thing."

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