Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Chapter 8 - Memory Induction Complete

“If I eliminate everything, how will I exist?..........What happens if you drop all the things that make you I”

Graham Greene

April 20 2035

“Ok we have completed the new memory implant phase for Dave and he will now be ready to re-enter the game from the beginning “. Ignatius said in a confident manner.

“Now Neil, we need to ask Dave a few questions to test the memory implant”

“He will remain in a deep trance while we ask the questions and will have no conscious awareness of his surroundings”

Neil listened intently as Ignatius manipulated the control console.

“Ok Dave I am just wondering, who is Michelle?”

“Ah she was my girlfriend”


“And where were you born?”

Detroit USA.”

“Have you ever used heroin?”

“Yes, only a couple of times you, know not a fucking junkie or anything”

“When did you first meet Osama Bin Laden?”

“In Riyadh Saudi Arabia, 1984”

“Well done the memory induction has gone well you are now ready to begin the Game”

“The what ?”

"Dont worry Dave you will soon be back in your familiar environment, back to the smack, and shit, so just close your eyes and sleep well....".

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