Sunday, 24 June 2007

Chapter 2 - Respawn

"Many lives, Arjuna, you and I have lived. I remember them all but thou dost not.”
The Bhagavad Gita

April 20 2035

“Now you are gonna have to bring him round slowly,” said Ignatius, “This is his last respawn so just go slowly, he’ll come around in a minute”. Neil, the trainee technician nodded and began the process of bringing me back.

“He fucked that one up though, still hasn’t got the hang of this new GAME, " , Neil fiddled with some buttons .

“Well its easy to say that from this side, when you are just watching them, it’s a whole different ball game once you are inside the game, you know, anyway, you need to try it.” Ignatius kept working at the computer while he spoke.

“Well I will its just that I need to find the right game, hey I didn’t sign up to become a technician for the hell of it, you know, I want to learn everything I can about the game, including going into it, I mean I know its mega addictive and all but anyway, once I know that I am ready I will have a go.”

“Addictive you say, you have no idea me boy, haven’t you seen the warnings on the intro Gaming is habit forming and may lead to serious health problems, enjoy gaming in moderation’.

Let me tell you this kid you will never be ready, you just have to go for it, all sorts of shit will get thrown at ya, I was like you before I had my first go, I thought that it would be easy, but shit was I wrong, used all my respawns and didn’t even get half way through, yeah, never got addicted though, I was able to control it, but yeah for some people the first time they go into the game, they never want to leave, fuckin sad really. There bodies become totally emaciated from lack of use you should see the pathetic bastards”

Just then I woke up. “How was your little sleep Dave?”, Ignatius asked.

I was floating in a large clear glass cylinder that was about 3 metres high. Kind of like the Kolto tank Luke was in, when he had his arm amputated in The Empire Strikes Back, I think its called a kolto tank. It was kind of like being back in the womb, safe in mummy's tummy.

It was what might be known as a float tank, my body did not sink or rise in this water but remained suspended in a constant position.

I was naked and had a breathing apparatus attached to my nose and mouth and a thin steel crown that encircled my head. This crown relays information from my brain to the game generating computer, and sends information to my brain from the game generating computer.

Two thin tubes were attached to my right arm that supplied my body with nutrients.

“Ok Dave looks like you have had a little accident, how are you feeling, do you know where you are?”, Ignatius motioned to Neil to keep on eye on the monitors.

I felt drowsy like I had been sleeping for days, “I just had a hit, I got some smack from Lee ……” My thoughts were detected by the steel crown and converted into speech for the technicians.

“No Dave that was THE GAME you remember, you had a memory implant ……?” Ignatius pushed a button and drugs were injected into me to bring me back to reality.

Suddenly it all came back, “Ah yeah, its clear now I ‘m in the Global THE GAME Corporation contestants room, and I feel, weak, and I have a head ache but otherwise I think I’m ok. “

“Now that was your last respawn, so if you want to return to the game you will have to restart, you have just enough funds to cover one more full game, what do you want to do.”

"That’s my fourth OD in as many weeks, but at least I am progressing. But what the fuck was it with the bloody red and blue packs of smack, I mean what a rip off. The writer of the show is obviously a fan of that old classic the Matrix. I think it stared that bloke Keanu Reeves, it was one of his earlier films he just died recently I believe he was only 59. “,

“I want to have another go at that game, I was so close, just respawn me as soon as possible.”

“, you realise that was your last re-spawn. So if you want to try this Game again you will have to start from the beginning”

“Yeah, yeah I know, fuck, picked the wrong bloody packet, if I had purchased less smack I probably would not have shot up so much so I would have lived.”

“But it may not have been that simple friend, you will never know why it happened, because next time it will be totally different, anyway good luck mate, you’ll start with a memory induction and then you’ll go into action, good luck.”

“Thanks, “

“Enjoy the memory induction, sleep well Dave, sleep well," Ignatius smiled and wondered how Dave would handle it this time.

“Yeah yeah, just get me back in there”

“Ok bon voyage”, with that Ignatius initiated the sequence that would send me into the Game.

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