Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Chapter 41 - We are all in this soup together

“A miracle is nothing more or less than this. Anyone who has come into a knowledge of his true identity, of his oneness with the all-pervading wisdom and power, this makes it possible for laws higher than the ordinary mind knows of to be revealed to him.”
Ralph Waldo Trine

Traditional science taught us that in order to understand something you reduce it to its component parts, in a process called reductionism. Systems thinking challenges this notion by showing that there are no smallest pieces rather it is how the systems work together that is the most salient factor to consider.

Furthermore, maybe there is no smallest unit of creation maybe as you go down to these smaller levels you find that there is endless regression. When you get two mirrors and face them against each other you can see an endless series of reflections.

They say that the microcosm is a reflection of the macrocosm. In each cell of a human being exists the complete DNA that is required to recreate that person.

Neutrinos are particles that are so small that they can pass through what we consider to be solid objects. As we go down to the quantum level there are no solid objects and there are no borders, everything is one. There is nothing that separates us all but our thoughts we live together in this soup.

Which reminds me of a conversation I heard between Jessy and Raj.

Jessy was sitting in the lounge playing some guitar, on the floor around his feet were dozens of nitrous oxide bulbs. The ones you get for cream dispensers anyway if you fill the cream dispenser with the nitrous and suck it out you get a great buz and from the looks of it Jessy had been indulging himself.

Jessy had done everything. He was a charming fellow, very intelligent and had an outstanding memory. He could quote extended passages from all sorts of programs but he spoke incessantly and was a very poor listener.He mentioned once off hand that he had been diagnosed with Aspergers, which kind of makes sense.

When I first met him I was suspicious – there was something wrong – something that didn’t quite match up. He mentioned he had been an army officer, completed two degrees, had been a journalist, a scientist, musician in a successful band and a range of other varied roles, all by the
age of 28. Because he spoke continuously you never had a chance to ask him in detail about these experiences. He spoke with confidence and authority on most topics but would often expose gaping holes in his knowledge about particular issues which would lead to an argument in which he steadfastly refused to listen. He spoke with an English accent, he had lived most of his life there.

“Oh yeah, I was in the army alright, did 3 years in the infantry and ended up as an MP. Oh yeah, Yes sir no sir and lots of it. But I tell you what I was one of the top soldiers in our unit. But I mean hey we were workin our assess off. Ya know wott I mean, yeah we fuckin worked hard but hey, you know we were soldiers and all so you kind of took it in your stride, know wott I mean “ Jessy said

“Yeah I love it all, know what I mean, its like they brought in the biggest load of shit you have ever seen and dumped it all on the parade ground, mate these blokes were in the shitter, know wot I mean”

“So what did you study at Uni?” , Raj stopped tinkering with his car radio.

“Me, study, well I have a done a few things really, know what I mean, I did my journalism degree first and then went on to do Physics, we were working on the technology for mobile phones, know wot I mean” But then I thought maybe, he wasn’t lying, maybe he had done those things, but not in this timeline, maybe he was aware of the alternate worlds and thus spoke with such authority. Or maybe he was just a liar.

Raj was paranoid. He was certain that he was being watched by undercover cops. Raj had been awake now for 3 days solid and his nerves were fried. Every time he started to wind down he would have another blast of speed, and away he would go. He was convinced that they were bugging his car, and so he decided to dismantle it piece by piece just to be sure. He was sitting in the living room holding the chasis of his car stereo, completely dismantling the unit, this was the only way that he could be safe. Raj had a cleft palate, or hare lip, he was a great guitar player, and had a stripper for a girlfriend.

“So Raj where are we now dude?” , Jessy asked with a mischievous look in his eye

‘What do you mean?”, Raj was fiddling with a small screw that was stuck

“Well if someone asked you where you are right now what would you say?’

“Oh so you mean, like ah I’m here in Brisbane, yeah.”

“So you’ve got the idea, where is Brisbane?”

“Well its in Queensland

“Yeah and where exactly is Queensland?”

“Well it’s in Australia of course, this is stupid man, I need to find these fucking bugs how much longer does this go on for?|", Raj was looking annoyed.

“Just a couple more questions then we will be done, Ok so where is Australia?”

"The Southern Hemisphere."

"Where is the southern hemisphere?"

“Well its on Earth I guess.”

“And where is Earth?”

“Its in the Milky Way Galaxy”

“Great so where is that, where is the Milky Way?”

“The Milky Way well I spose its in the Universe”

“Yeah spot on, now my last question is where is the universe”

“The universe is, its ah well its in the …..damn well must be in the universe. “

“That fucks you up doesn't it, you see it really challenges our notion of reality...........or something" Jessy, giggled like a school girl, while Raj just shook his head and kept looking for the bugs.

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